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qsf::ai::AllowsAllConflictsResolver Struct Reference

#include <ReservationContainer.h>

Inheritance diagram for qsf::ai::AllowsAllConflictsResolver:

Public Member Functions

virtual Result canInsertAfterResolve (const std::vector< ContainerType::const_iterator > &collisions, const Reservation &reservation, const AreaConfiguration &reservationId, std::vector< bool > &deleteFlags, unsigned int flags) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from qsf::ai::ReservationConflictResolver
virtual ~ReservationConflictResolver ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from qsf::ai::ReservationConflictResolver
enum  AreaRelation { NONE = 0, AREAS_INTERSECT = 1 }
typedef std::vector< ReservationContainerType

Member Function Documentation

ReservationConflictResolver::Result qsf::ai::AllowsAllConflictsResolver::canInsertAfterResolve ( const std::vector< ContainerType::const_iterator > &  collisions,
const Reservation reservation,
const AreaConfiguration reservationId,
std::vector< bool > &  deleteFlags,
unsigned int  flags 

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