Emergency 20 Dokumentation  4.2.0
qsf::ai::worldElement Namespace Reference


class  State


enum  StateType {


StateType parseFromString (const std::string &text)
std::string toString (StateType state)

Detailed Description

A state description of an atomic element of an AI navigation map.

Many AI world descriptions will be made up of atomic areas (for example triangles, grid cells or traffic lane segments) and nodes placed among these that create a graph structure for planning. This structure is necessary to be used by the default pathfinding and steering for example with the traffic lane representation.

These areas and nodes have some common state information to guide movement along them. For example they may be blocked for a short or a longer amount of time for example. There is no exact definition of what this means in amount of time but in the semantics of how these flags are used. Blocking long term means that entities should not consider this element or node for pathfinding and instead find another way around it. They will thus not wait there and it will be a surprise if the possibility opens up again. Temporarily blocked elements or nodes however will be used by entities to plan their paths and they will instead wait in front of one when they reach it and it is still blocked. Consider this when deciding which value to use.

The soon (un)blocked states are meant for the typical yellow signal situations at traffic lights while the stop once value is the state of a halting line. There is an additional distinction between whether any blocking information is a mere convention or a physical restriction.

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StateType qsf::ai::worldElement::parseFromString ( const std::string &  text)
std::string qsf::ai::worldElement::toString ( StateType  state)