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qsf::ai::voronoi::DistanceCalculator Class Reference

#include <VoronoiDistanceCalculator.h>

Public Member Functions

 DistanceCalculator (DynamicGraph &graph, DynamicGraph::TweakedGraphDataCollection *eraseTracker=nullptr, const DebugSetting &debugSetting=DebugSetting())
void initializeOpenListFromGridState ()
bool setObstacle (const GridCoordinates &coordinates)
bool clearObstacle (const GridCoordinates &coordinates)
void updateDistanceMap ()
const GridCoordinatesgetChangeWindowMin () const
const GridCoordinatesgetChangeWindowMax () const

Detailed Description

The functionality to create Voronoi diagrams is separated into distinct algorithmic steps. An instance of this class tracks distances to the closest obstacles and determines equidistant voronoi lines for the dynamic voronoi graph passed as a parameter. This algorithm follows the lines of the paper "Improved Updating of Euclidean Distance Maps and Voronoi Diagrams" that is available in the Wiki.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

qsf::ai::voronoi::DistanceCalculator::DistanceCalculator ( DynamicGraph graph,
DynamicGraph::TweakedGraphDataCollection eraseTracker = nullptr,
const DebugSetting debugSetting = DebugSetting() 

Member Function Documentation

bool qsf::ai::voronoi::DistanceCalculator::clearObstacle ( const GridCoordinates coordinates)
const GridCoordinates& qsf::ai::voronoi::DistanceCalculator::getChangeWindowMax ( ) const
const GridCoordinates& qsf::ai::voronoi::DistanceCalculator::getChangeWindowMin ( ) const
void qsf::ai::voronoi::DistanceCalculator::initializeOpenListFromGridState ( )
bool qsf::ai::voronoi::DistanceCalculator::setObstacle ( const GridCoordinates coordinates)
void qsf::ai::voronoi::DistanceCalculator::updateDistanceMap ( )

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