Emergency 20 Dokumentation  4.2.0
qsf::ai::voronoi::CellOutlineVisualizer Class Reference

#include <GridVisualizer.h>

Public Member Functions

 CellOutlineVisualizer (const GridConfiguration &gridConfig, const Color4 &color, float fillOpacity=.5f)
void operator() (const DistanceGridCell &cell, const GridCoordinates &coordinates, CompoundDebugDrawRequest &cddr) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

qsf::ai::voronoi::CellOutlineVisualizer::CellOutlineVisualizer ( const GridConfiguration gridConfig,
const Color4 color,
float  fillOpacity = .5f 

Member Function Documentation

void qsf::ai::voronoi::CellOutlineVisualizer::operator() ( const DistanceGridCell cell,
const GridCoordinates coordinates,
CompoundDebugDrawRequest cddr 
) const

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