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qsf::ai::reactionrules::WaitAtWaitingPoint Class Reference

#include <WaitingPointRules.h>

Inheritance diagram for qsf::ai::reactionrules::WaitAtWaitingPoint:
qsf::ai::reactionrules::StandardRule qsf::ai::ReactionRule em5::CivilianSightReactionRule em5::CivilianWaitReactionRule qsf::ai::reactionrules::WaitAtWaitingPointTurnAndAnimate

Public Member Functions

 WaitAtWaitingPoint ()
virtual void deserialize (const boost::property_tree::ptree &tree)
virtual void serialize (boost::property_tree::ptree &tree) const
virtual bool handle (const EvaluationParameters &parameters)
- Public Member Functions inherited from qsf::ai::reactionrules::StandardRule
 StandardRule (EvaluationParameters::PerceptionEventSource eventSource)
virtual const char * getRegistrationName () const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from qsf::ai::ReactionRule
 ReactionRule ()
 ReactionRule (const ReactionRule &src)
virtual ~ReactionRule ()
virtual ReactionRuleclone () const =0
virtual bool wantsHandlingDespiteOfLowerPriority () const
virtual void serialize (BinarySerializer &serializer)
const std::string & getName () const
uint32 getId () const
Percentage getProbability () const
void setProbability (Percentage probability)
action::Priority getPriority () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool onWait (const EvaluationParameters &parameters, const PerceptionEvent &event)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from qsf::ai::reactionrules::StandardRule
EvaluationParameters::PerceptionEventIterator checkForEvent (const EvaluationParameters &parameters) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from qsf::ai::ReactionRule
bool pushEventToEntity (const PerceptionEvent &perceptionEvent) const

Protected Attributes

MinMaxDuration mDuration
- Protected Attributes inherited from qsf::ai::reactionrules::StandardRule
NamedIdentifier mEventId
EvaluationParameters::PerceptionEventSource mEventSource

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from qsf::ai::ReactionRule
static bool compareByPriority (const ReactionRule *a, const ReactionRule *b)

Detailed Description

WaitAtWaitingPoint is a ReactionRule to be attached to an entity's ReactionComponent which is supposed to potentially wait at a waiting-point. If a waiting-point wants this entity to wait it sends that entity a WaitingPoint-event. WaitAtWaitingPoint is designed to react on such an event. The method onWait is called in that case. The default implementation simply lets the entity wait for the duration specified.

Sensor-Configuration: no sensor required.

Additional JSON configuration tags: MinDuration, MaxDuration

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

qsf::ai::reactionrules::WaitAtWaitingPoint::WaitAtWaitingPoint ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual void qsf::ai::reactionrules::WaitAtWaitingPoint::deserialize ( const boost::property_tree::ptree tree)
virtual bool qsf::ai::reactionrules::WaitAtWaitingPoint::handle ( const EvaluationParameters parameters)

Implements qsf::ai::ReactionRule.

virtual bool qsf::ai::reactionrules::WaitAtWaitingPoint::onWait ( const EvaluationParameters parameters,
const PerceptionEvent event 
virtual void qsf::ai::reactionrules::WaitAtWaitingPoint::serialize ( boost::property_tree::ptree tree) const

Member Data Documentation

MinMaxDuration qsf::ai::reactionrules::WaitAtWaitingPoint::mDuration

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