Emergency 20 Dokumentation  4.2.0
qsf::ai::AiLodAccess Class Reference

#include <AiLodAccess.h>

Public Member Functions

 AiLodAccess (const Entity &entity)
 AiLodAccess (AiLodComponent &component)
void clear ()
void update ()
bool isMaxLOD () const
bool isMinLOD () const
void setMaxLOD ()
void setMinLOD ()
bool valid () const
 operator bool () const
AiLodComponentoperator* () const
AiLodComponentoperator-> () const
uint32 getLOD () const
void setLOD (uint32 lod)

Detailed Description

AiLodAccess is a helper class to simplify access to an entity's AiLodComponent. It automates the tedious and slowish task of checking for an AiLodComponent, managing a WeakPtr (unless you prefer lookup-loops), updating that after component-replacement, etc. Usage: just add an instance of this class to the (component-)class that needs to monitor and / or modify the AiLod of its entity.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

qsf::ai::AiLodAccess::AiLodAccess ( const Entity entity)
qsf::ai::AiLodAccess::AiLodAccess ( AiLodComponent component)

Member Function Documentation

void qsf::ai::AiLodAccess::clear ( )
uint32 qsf::ai::AiLodAccess::getLOD ( ) const
bool qsf::ai::AiLodAccess::isMaxLOD ( ) const
bool qsf::ai::AiLodAccess::isMinLOD ( ) const
qsf::ai::AiLodAccess::operator bool ( ) const
AiLodComponent & qsf::ai::AiLodAccess::operator* ( ) const
AiLodComponent * qsf::ai::AiLodAccess::operator-> ( ) const
void qsf::ai::AiLodAccess::setLOD ( uint32  lod)
void qsf::ai::AiLodAccess::setMaxLOD ( )
void qsf::ai::AiLodAccess::setMinLOD ( )
void qsf::ai::AiLodAccess::update ( )
bool qsf::ai::AiLodAccess::valid ( ) const

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