Emergency 20 Dokumentation  4.2.0
em5::UpdateCheck Class Reference

EMERGENCY 5 update check class. More...

#include <UpdateCheck.h>


struct  VersionInformation

Public Member Functions

bool isCheckComplete () const
bool isUpdateAvailable () const
const std::string & getUpdateVersion () const
bool startCheckForUpdates (const VersionInformation &versionInformation)
bool startDownloadAndInstallUpdate ()
const std::string & getInfoText () const
void getMatchmakingAddress (std::string &matchmakingUrl, uint16 &matchmakingPort) const

Public Attributes

boost::signals2::signal< void(uint32, uint32, uint64, uint64)> progress
boost::signals2::signal< void()> finished
boost::signals2::signal< void()> error

Static Public Attributes

static const std::string UPDATE_URL
static const std::string FORMAT_TYPE
static const uint32 FORMAT_VERSION
static const std::string UPDATE_SETUP_EXE_NAME


class NetworkManager

Detailed Description

EMERGENCY 5 update check class.

Member Function Documentation

const std::string& em5::UpdateCheck::getInfoText ( ) const
void em5::UpdateCheck::getMatchmakingAddress ( std::string &  matchmakingUrl,
uint16 matchmakingPort 
) const
const std::string& em5::UpdateCheck::getUpdateVersion ( ) const
bool em5::UpdateCheck::isCheckComplete ( ) const
bool em5::UpdateCheck::isUpdateAvailable ( ) const
bool em5::UpdateCheck::startCheckForUpdates ( const VersionInformation versionInformation)
bool em5::UpdateCheck::startDownloadAndInstallUpdate ( )

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class NetworkManager

Member Data Documentation

boost::signals2::signal<void()> em5::UpdateCheck::error

void onError()

boost::signals2::signal<void()> em5::UpdateCheck::finished

void onFinished()

const std::string em5::UpdateCheck::FORMAT_TYPE
const uint32 em5::UpdateCheck::FORMAT_VERSION
boost::signals2::signal<void(uint32, uint32, uint64, uint64)> em5::UpdateCheck::progress

void onProgress(uint32 currentFile, uint32 totalFiles, uint64 currentBytes, uint64 totalBytes)

const std::string em5::UpdateCheck::UPDATE_SETUP_EXE_NAME
const std::string em5::UpdateCheck::UPDATE_URL

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