Emergency 20 Dokumentation  4.2.0
em5::SequencePlayer Class Reference

EMERGENCY 5 sequence player class. More...

#include <SequencePlayer.h>

Inheritance diagram for em5::SequencePlayer:

Public Member Functions

 SequencePlayer ()
 Default constructor. More...
virtual ~SequencePlayer ()
 Destructor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from qsf::logic::SequencePlayer
 SequencePlayer ()
 Default constructor. More...
PlaySequenceComponentgetOwnerComponent () const
void setOwnerComponent (PlaySequenceComponent *component)
bool isPlaying () const
float getPlaybackSpeed () const
void setPlaybackSpeed (float newSpeed)
bool getIsLooping () const
void setIsLooping (bool isLooping)
SequencegetSequence () const
 Change the sequence this player is operating on. More...
void setSequence (Sequence *sequence, const StringHash &jobManagerId=getUninitialized< StringHash >())
bool advancePlayhead (float deltaTime)
 Advance the playhead and evaluates the sequence. More...
void modifyTime (float newTime)
 Will only record the time as the internal current time state. More...
float getTime () const
 Return the internal playhead time. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual void onStartSequence () override
virtual void onEndSequence () override
virtual void onNotifyTimePassed (float oldTime, float newTime) override

Detailed Description

EMERGENCY 5 sequence player class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

em5::SequencePlayer::SequencePlayer ( )

Default constructor.

virtual em5::SequencePlayer::~SequencePlayer ( )


Reimplemented from qsf::logic::SequencePlayer.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void em5::SequencePlayer::onEndSequence ( )

Reimplemented from qsf::logic::SequencePlayer.

virtual void em5::SequencePlayer::onNotifyTimePassed ( float  oldTime,
float  newTime 

Reimplemented from qsf::logic::SequencePlayer.

virtual void em5::SequencePlayer::onStartSequence ( )

Reimplemented from qsf::logic::SequencePlayer.

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