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em5::ObjectiveList Class Reference

EMERGENCY 5 objective list class. More...

#include <ObjectiveList.h>

Inheritance diagram for em5::ObjectiveList:

Public Types

typedef boost::container::flat_map< uint32, Objective * > ObjectiveInstanceMap
typedef std::pair< uint32, Objective * > ObjectiveInstancePair
typedef boost::container::flat_map< uint32, uint32ObjectiveOrderPriorityMap

Public Member Functions

 ObjectiveList ()
 Default constructor. More...
virtual ~ObjectiveList ()
 Destructor. More...
const ObjectiveInstanceMapgetObjectives () const
void getObjectivesSorted (std::vector< Objective * > &outObjectives) const
void clearObjectives ()
void insertObjective (Objective &objective)
ObjectivegetObjectiveByTypeId (uint32 typeId)
const ObjectivegetObjectiveByTypeId (uint32 typeId) const
ObjectivegetOrCreateObjective (uint32 typeId, Objective::ObjectiveType type, uint32 eventId, uint32 orderPriority=100)
void removeObjective (uint32 typeId)
void defineObjectiveOrderPriority (uint32 typeId, uint32 orderPriority)
void defineObjectiveOrderPriorities (const std::vector< uint32 > &typeIds, uint32 orderPriorityStart=10, uint32 orderPriorityStep=10)
void swapWith (ObjectiveList &otherList)
uint32 countObjectivesOfType (Objective::ObjectiveType type) const
bool checkSuccess () const
bool checkFailure () const
void debugLogFailure () const
void serialize (qsf::BinarySerializer &serializer)

Detailed Description

EMERGENCY 5 objective list class.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef boost::container::flat_map<uint32, Objective*> em5::ObjectiveList::ObjectiveInstanceMap
typedef boost::container::flat_map<uint32, uint32> em5::ObjectiveList::ObjectiveOrderPriorityMap

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

em5::ObjectiveList::ObjectiveList ( )

Default constructor.

virtual em5::ObjectiveList::~ObjectiveList ( )


Member Function Documentation

bool em5::ObjectiveList::checkFailure ( ) const
bool em5::ObjectiveList::checkSuccess ( ) const
void em5::ObjectiveList::clearObjectives ( )
uint32 em5::ObjectiveList::countObjectivesOfType ( Objective::ObjectiveType  type) const
void em5::ObjectiveList::debugLogFailure ( ) const
void em5::ObjectiveList::defineObjectiveOrderPriorities ( const std::vector< uint32 > &  typeIds,
uint32  orderPriorityStart = 10,
uint32  orderPriorityStep = 10 
void em5::ObjectiveList::defineObjectiveOrderPriority ( uint32  typeId,
uint32  orderPriority 
Objective* em5::ObjectiveList::getObjectiveByTypeId ( uint32  typeId)
const Objective* em5::ObjectiveList::getObjectiveByTypeId ( uint32  typeId) const
const ObjectiveInstanceMap& em5::ObjectiveList::getObjectives ( ) const
void em5::ObjectiveList::getObjectivesSorted ( std::vector< Objective * > &  outObjectives) const
Objective& em5::ObjectiveList::getOrCreateObjective ( uint32  typeId,
Objective::ObjectiveType  type,
uint32  eventId,
uint32  orderPriority = 100 
void em5::ObjectiveList::insertObjective ( Objective objective)
void em5::ObjectiveList::removeObjective ( uint32  typeId)
void em5::ObjectiveList::serialize ( qsf::BinarySerializer serializer)
void em5::ObjectiveList::swapWith ( ObjectiveList otherList)

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