Emergency 20 Dokumentation  4.2.0
em5::IngameHighscoreDatasource Class Reference

Ingame highscore datasource. More...

#include <IngameHighscoreDatasource.h>

Inheritance diagram for em5::IngameHighscoreDatasource:

Public Member Functions

 IngameHighscoreDatasource ()
virtual ~IngameHighscoreDatasource ()
void setupFreeplayEndlessHighscores ()
 Setup datasource for which highscore type data should be fetched. More...
void setupFreeplayChallengeHighscores ()
void setupMainEventHighscores (uint32 eventId)
void setupMultiplayerCOOPHighscores ()
void setupMultiplayerPVPHighscores ()
bool fetch (const uint32 currentRank)
 Let the datasource fetch the highscore data from server. More...
int getRowIndexForRank (uint32 rank) const
uint32 getMaxRank () const
virtual void GetRow (Rocket::Core::StringList &row, const Rocket::Core::String &table, int rowIndex, const Rocket::Core::StringList &columns) override
virtual int GetNumRows (const Rocket::Core::String &table) override

Detailed Description

Ingame highscore datasource.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

em5::IngameHighscoreDatasource::IngameHighscoreDatasource ( )
virtual em5::IngameHighscoreDatasource::~IngameHighscoreDatasource ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool em5::IngameHighscoreDatasource::fetch ( const uint32  currentRank)

Let the datasource fetch the highscore data from server.

[in]currentRankThe rank for which the data should be fetched
True on success, False on failure
uint32 em5::IngameHighscoreDatasource::getMaxRank ( ) const
virtual int em5::IngameHighscoreDatasource::GetNumRows ( const Rocket::Core::String table)
virtual void em5::IngameHighscoreDatasource::GetRow ( Rocket::Core::StringList &  row,
const Rocket::Core::String table,
int  rowIndex,
const Rocket::Core::StringList &  columns 
int em5::IngameHighscoreDatasource::getRowIndexForRank ( uint32  rank) const
void em5::IngameHighscoreDatasource::setupFreeplayChallengeHighscores ( )
void em5::IngameHighscoreDatasource::setupFreeplayEndlessHighscores ( )

Setup datasource for which highscore type data should be fetched.

void em5::IngameHighscoreDatasource::setupMainEventHighscores ( uint32  eventId)
void em5::IngameHighscoreDatasource::setupMultiplayerCOOPHighscores ( )
void em5::IngameHighscoreDatasource::setupMultiplayerPVPHighscores ( )

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