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em5::GangsterType Class Reference

Gangster type definition class. More...

#include <GangsterType.h>

Inheritance diagram for em5::GangsterType:

Public Types

typedef GangsterBaseLogic::AutoReaction AutoReaction
typedef GangsterBaseLogic::WeaponFlagSet WeaponFlagSet
typedef weapon::WeaponConfiguration WeaponConfiguration
typedef boost::container::flat_map< qsf::StringHash, uint32PriorityByEventTagMap
- Public Types inherited from qsf::Object
enum  SerializationMode { MODE_MINIMAL, MODE_COMPATIBLE }

Public Member Functions

 GangsterType (uint32 key)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~GangsterType ()
 Destructor. More...
uint32 getId () const
const std::string & getName () const
void setName (const std::string &name)
uint32 getLogicClassId () const
const std::string & getLogicClassName () const
void setLogicClassName (const std::string &className)
const WeaponFlagSetgetWeapons () const
std::string getWeaponsAsString () const
void setWeaponsByString (const std::string &weapons)
bool getAlwaysShowWeapon () const
void setAlwaysShowWeapon (bool showWeapon)
WeaponConfigurationgetConfigurationForWeapon (weapon::Weapon weapon)
const WeaponConfigurationgetConfigurationForWeapon (weapon::Weapon weapon) const
float getShootRangePistol () const
void setShootRangePistol (float range)
float getShootRangeRifle () const
void setShootRangeRifle (float range)
float getDamageHealthPistol () const
void setDamageHealthPistol (float damage)
float getDamageHealthRifle () const
void setDamageHealthRifle (float damage)
float getDamageVehiclePistol () const
void setDamageVehiclePistol (float damage)
float getDamageVehicleRifle () const
void setDamageVehicleRifle (float damage)
float getMovementSpeed () const
void setMovementSpeed (float movementSpeed)
bool getResistArrest () const
void setResistArrest (bool resistArrest)
float getCelebrateWinTime () const
void setCelebrateWinTime (float celebrateWinTime)
float getAutoAggroRange () const
void setAutoAggroRange (float autoAggroRange)
float getAutoDeAggroRange () const
void setAutoDeAggroRange (float autoDeAggroRange)
const PriorityByEventTagMapgetAutoTargets () const
boost::property_tree::ptree getAutoTargetsAsPTree () const
void setAutoTargetsByPTree (const boost::property_tree::ptree &pTree)
AutoReaction getAutoTargetReaction () const
void setAutoTargetReaction (AutoReaction autoTargetReaction)
AutoReaction getIdleReaction () const
void setIdleReaction (AutoReaction idleReaction)
bool getChainReaction () const
void setChainReaction (bool chainReaction)
- Public Member Functions inherited from qsf::Object
virtual ~Object ()
 Destructor. More...
const camp::Class & getCampClass () const
 Return the CAMP class. More...
int getPropertyIndexById (const StringHash &propertyId) const
 Return the CAMP property index by using the unique class property ID. More...
uint32 getPropertyIdByIndex (int index) const
 Return the unique class property ID with the given index. More...
std::string getPropertyNameById (const StringHash &propertyId) const
 Return the CAMP property name by using the unique class property ID. More...
const camp::Property * getCampPropertyById (const StringHash &propertyId) const
 Return the CAMP property by using the unique class property ID. More...
void setPropertyValuesByString (const std::string &values)
 Set CAMP reflection property values by using a given string. More...
void setPropertiesToDefaultValues ()
 Set all CAMP reflection system properties to their default values. More...
void serializeToBoostPTree (boost::property_tree::ptree &pTree, SerializationMethod serializationMethod=SERIALIZE_DIFFERENTIAL) const
void serializeToBoostPTree (boost::property_tree::ptree &pTree, const camp::Class &campClass, SerializationMethod serializationMethod=SERIALIZE_DIFFERENTIAL) const
bool deserializeFromBoostPTree (const boost::property_tree::ptree &pTree, SerializationMethod serializationMethod=SERIALIZE_DIFFERENTIAL)
bool deserializeFromBoostPTree (const boost::property_tree::ptree &pTree, const camp::Class &campClass, SerializationMethod serializationMethod=SERIALIZE_DIFFERENTIAL)
void serializeToBinarySerializer (BinarySerializer &serializer, SerializationMode mode=MODE_MINIMAL, SerializationMethod serializationMethod=SERIALIZE_DIFFERENTIAL) const
void deserializeFromBinarySerializer (BinarySerializer &serializer, SerializationMode mode=MODE_MINIMAL, SerializationMethod serializationMethod=SERIALIZE_DIFFERENTIAL, bool setOverrideState=true)
virtual camp::Value getPropertyDefaultValue (const StringHash &propertyId) const
virtual PropertyOverrideState getPropertyOverrideState (const StringHash &propertyId) const
virtual bool setPropertyOverrideState (const StringHash &propertyId, PropertyOverrideState overrideState)
virtual void onPreDeserialize ()
 Called right before the object is deserialized using any of the above methods. Default implementation is empty. More...
virtual void onPostDeserialize ()
 Called right after the object was deserialized using any of the above methods. Default implementation is empty. More...
virtual ScriptgetAssociatedScript () const
 Return the script instance associated with this object instance. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from qsf::Object
 Object ()
 Default constructor. More...

Detailed Description

Gangster type definition class.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef boost::container::flat_map<qsf::StringHash, uint32> em5::GangsterType::PriorityByEventTagMap

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

em5::GangsterType::GangsterType ( uint32  key)


virtual em5::GangsterType::~GangsterType ( )


Member Function Documentation

bool em5::GangsterType::getAlwaysShowWeapon ( ) const
float em5::GangsterType::getAutoAggroRange ( ) const
float em5::GangsterType::getAutoDeAggroRange ( ) const
AutoReaction em5::GangsterType::getAutoTargetReaction ( ) const
const PriorityByEventTagMap& em5::GangsterType::getAutoTargets ( ) const
boost::property_tree::ptree em5::GangsterType::getAutoTargetsAsPTree ( ) const
float em5::GangsterType::getCelebrateWinTime ( ) const
bool em5::GangsterType::getChainReaction ( ) const
WeaponConfiguration* em5::GangsterType::getConfigurationForWeapon ( weapon::Weapon  weapon)
const WeaponConfiguration* em5::GangsterType::getConfigurationForWeapon ( weapon::Weapon  weapon) const
float em5::GangsterType::getDamageHealthPistol ( ) const
float em5::GangsterType::getDamageHealthRifle ( ) const
float em5::GangsterType::getDamageVehiclePistol ( ) const
float em5::GangsterType::getDamageVehicleRifle ( ) const
uint32 em5::GangsterType::getId ( ) const
AutoReaction em5::GangsterType::getIdleReaction ( ) const
uint32 em5::GangsterType::getLogicClassId ( ) const
const std::string& em5::GangsterType::getLogicClassName ( ) const
float em5::GangsterType::getMovementSpeed ( ) const
const std::string& em5::GangsterType::getName ( ) const
bool em5::GangsterType::getResistArrest ( ) const
float em5::GangsterType::getShootRangePistol ( ) const
float em5::GangsterType::getShootRangeRifle ( ) const
const WeaponFlagSet& em5::GangsterType::getWeapons ( ) const
std::string em5::GangsterType::getWeaponsAsString ( ) const
void em5::GangsterType::setAlwaysShowWeapon ( bool  showWeapon)
void em5::GangsterType::setAutoAggroRange ( float  autoAggroRange)
void em5::GangsterType::setAutoDeAggroRange ( float  autoDeAggroRange)
void em5::GangsterType::setAutoTargetReaction ( AutoReaction  autoTargetReaction)
void em5::GangsterType::setAutoTargetsByPTree ( const boost::property_tree::ptree pTree)
void em5::GangsterType::setCelebrateWinTime ( float  celebrateWinTime)
void em5::GangsterType::setChainReaction ( bool  chainReaction)
void em5::GangsterType::setDamageHealthPistol ( float  damage)
void em5::GangsterType::setDamageHealthRifle ( float  damage)
void em5::GangsterType::setDamageVehiclePistol ( float  damage)
void em5::GangsterType::setDamageVehicleRifle ( float  damage)
void em5::GangsterType::setIdleReaction ( AutoReaction  idleReaction)
void em5::GangsterType::setLogicClassName ( const std::string &  className)
void em5::GangsterType::setMovementSpeed ( float  movementSpeed)
void em5::GangsterType::setName ( const std::string &  name)
void em5::GangsterType::setResistArrest ( bool  resistArrest)
void em5::GangsterType::setShootRangePistol ( float  range)
void em5::GangsterType::setShootRangeRifle ( float  range)
void em5::GangsterType::setWeaponsByString ( const std::string &  weapons)

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