Emergency 20 Dokumentation  4.2.0
em5::EventHelper Class Reference

EMERGENCY 5 event helper. More...

#include <EventHelper.h>

Inheritance diagram for em5::EventHelper:

Public Member Functions

 EventHelper (FreeplayEvent &freeplayEvent)
 Constructor. More...
 ~EventHelper ()
 Destructor. More...
void makeMissingPerson (qsf::Entity &entity, const qsf::StringHash &injuryHash, bool isDead)
void makeInjuredPerson (qsf::Entity &entity, const std::string &injury, bool addObjectives=true)
void makeDrownedPerson (qsf::Entity &entity, bool addObjectives)
void makeRescuablePerson (qsf::Entity &entity)
void makeTweetPerson (qsf::Entity &entity, bool active)
void buryPersonsUnderLightDebris (qsf::Entity &debrisEntity, bool makeMissing=false)
void buryPersonsUnderHeavyDebris (qsf::Entity &debrisEntity, bool makeMissing=false)
void buryPersonsUnderDebris (qsf::Entity &debrisEntity, uint32 objectiveId, bool makeMissing)
qsf::EntitycreateEventIconCircleArea (const qsf::Entity &entity, float radius, float maxOffset)
void removeEventIcon (qsf::Entity &entity)
qsf::EntitygetRandomEventEntity (bool showHidden=false)

Static Public Member Functions

static qsf::EntityfindSpawnPoint (const qsf::StringHash &tag)
static qsf::EntityspawnEntity (qsf::Entity &spawnpoint, const qsf::Time &fadeTime=qsf::Time::fromSeconds(1.0f))
static void copyPosition (const qsf::Entity &reference, qsf::Entity &target)
static bool activateEventLayer (const std::string &layerName)
static bool isLayerVisible (const qsf::Layer &layer)
static bool calculateMapBoundingBox (const qsf::Map &map, glm::vec3 &resultMin, glm::vec3 &resultMax)

Detailed Description

EMERGENCY 5 event helper.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

em5::EventHelper::EventHelper ( FreeplayEvent freeplayEvent)


em5::EventHelper::~EventHelper ( )


Member Function Documentation

static bool em5::EventHelper::activateEventLayer ( const std::string &  layerName)
void em5::EventHelper::buryPersonsUnderDebris ( qsf::Entity debrisEntity,
uint32  objectiveId,
bool  makeMissing 
void em5::EventHelper::buryPersonsUnderHeavyDebris ( qsf::Entity debrisEntity,
bool  makeMissing = false 
void em5::EventHelper::buryPersonsUnderLightDebris ( qsf::Entity debrisEntity,
bool  makeMissing = false 
static bool em5::EventHelper::calculateMapBoundingBox ( const qsf::Map map,
glm::vec3 &  resultMin,
glm::vec3 &  resultMax 
static void em5::EventHelper::copyPosition ( const qsf::Entity reference,
qsf::Entity target 
qsf::Entity* em5::EventHelper::createEventIconCircleArea ( const qsf::Entity entity,
float  radius,
float  maxOffset 
static qsf::Entity* em5::EventHelper::findSpawnPoint ( const qsf::StringHash tag)
qsf::Entity* em5::EventHelper::getRandomEventEntity ( bool  showHidden = false)
static bool em5::EventHelper::isLayerVisible ( const qsf::Layer layer)
void em5::EventHelper::makeDrownedPerson ( qsf::Entity entity,
bool  addObjectives 
void em5::EventHelper::makeInjuredPerson ( qsf::Entity entity,
const std::string &  injury,
bool  addObjectives = true 
void em5::EventHelper::makeMissingPerson ( qsf::Entity entity,
const qsf::StringHash injuryHash,
bool  isDead 
void em5::EventHelper::makeRescuablePerson ( qsf::Entity entity)
void em5::EventHelper::makeTweetPerson ( qsf::Entity entity,
bool  active 
void em5::EventHelper::removeEventIcon ( qsf::Entity entity)
static qsf::Entity* em5::EventHelper::spawnEntity ( qsf::Entity spawnpoint,
const qsf::Time fadeTime = qsf::Time::fromSeconds(1.0f) 

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