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em5::EObject Class Reference

Emergency 5 implementation of EObject wrapper class for a QSF entity. More...

#include <EObject.h>

Inheritance diagram for em5::EObject:
qsf::ai::EObject em5::EGenericObjectBase qsf::ai::EGenericObject em5::EActorBase qsf::ai::EActor

Public Member Functions

 EObject (qsf::Entity &entity)
virtual ~EObject ()
virtual qsf::EntitygetQsfEntity () override
virtual bool hasTag (const qsf::StringHash &tag) const override
virtual void initOwnerPlayer () override
virtual const glm::vec3 & GetPosition () override
virtual const glm::mat3x3 & GetRotationMatrix () override
virtual bool IsWalkable () override
virtual qsf::ai::ETerrainGetTerrain () override
virtual qsf::ai::ETerrainGetTerrain (int index) override
virtual qsf::ai::EObjectTerrainClass GetTerrainClass () override
virtual qsf::ai::EFloorPlacement GetPlacement () override
virtual void UpdatePlacement (glm::vec3 &position_, glm::mat3x3 &rotation_) override
virtual int GetCarriedPersonID () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from qsf::ai::EGenericObject
virtual float GetBoundingRadius ()
virtual float GetBoundingRadiusXZ () const
virtual float GetBoundingRadiusHeight () const
virtual glm::vec3 GetBBMidPoint () const
virtual bool IsMoving () const
int GetFlags () const
bool IsFlagSet (int flag_) const
bool IsHydrant () const
bool hasFireChildren () const
void setMovableComponent (MovableComponent *movableComponent)
- Public Member Functions inherited from qsf::ai::EActor
EActorType GetType () const
int GetID () const
int GetParentID () const
std::string GetName () const
const AxisAlignedBoundingBoxGetBoundingBox () const
virtual void SetBoundingData (const glm::vec3 &midPoint_, float radius_, float radiusXZ_, float height_)
void SetBoundingDataIsSetByRouter (bool value_)
void SetHasRouterCollisionObject (bool has_)
int GetOwnerPlayer () const
void SetOwnerPlayerInternal (int owner_)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from qsf::ai::EObject
 EObject ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from qsf::ai::EGenericObject
 EGenericObject (EActorType actorType)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from qsf::ai::EActor
 EActor (EActorType actorType)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from em5::EGenericObjectBase
 EGenericObjectBase (qsf::Entity &entity)
virtual ~EGenericObjectBase ()
const glm::vec3 & GetPosition ()
const glm::mat3x3 & GetRotationMatrix ()
qsf::ai::EObjectTerrainClass GetTerrainClass ()
qsf::ai::EFloorPlacement GetPlacement ()
void UpdatePlacement (glm::vec3 &position_, glm::mat3x3 &rotation_)
int GetCarriedPersonID () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from em5::EActorBase
 EActorBase (qsf::Entity &entity)
virtual ~EActorBase ()
qsf::ai::ETerrainGetTerrain ()
qsf::ai::ETerrainGetTerrain (int index)
int initOwnerPlayer ()
bool IsWalkable ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from qsf::ai::EGenericObject
int mFlags
WeakPtr< MovableComponentmMovableComponent
- Protected Attributes inherited from qsf::ai::EActor
EActorType mActorType
int mID
AxisAlignedBoundingBox mAxisAlignedBoundingBox
bool mHasRouterCollisionObject
bool mBoundingDataIsSetByRouter
glm::vec3 mMidPoint
float mRadius
float mRadiusXZ
float mRadiusHeight
int mOwnerPlayer
- Protected Attributes inherited from em5::EActorBase

Detailed Description

Emergency 5 implementation of EObject wrapper class for a QSF entity.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

em5::EObject::EObject ( qsf::Entity entity)
virtual em5::EObject::~EObject ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual int em5::EObject::GetCarriedPersonID ( ) const
virtual qsf::ai::EFloorPlacement em5::EObject::GetPlacement ( )
virtual const glm::vec3& em5::EObject::GetPosition ( )
virtual qsf::Entity& em5::EObject::getQsfEntity ( )

Implements qsf::ai::EActor.

virtual const glm::mat3x3& em5::EObject::GetRotationMatrix ( )
virtual qsf::ai::ETerrain* em5::EObject::GetTerrain ( )

Implements qsf::ai::EActor.

virtual qsf::ai::ETerrain* em5::EObject::GetTerrain ( int  index)

Implements qsf::ai::EActor.

virtual qsf::ai::EObjectTerrainClass em5::EObject::GetTerrainClass ( )
virtual bool em5::EObject::hasTag ( const qsf::StringHash tag) const

Implements qsf::ai::EActor.

virtual void em5::EObject::initOwnerPlayer ( )

Implements qsf::ai::EActor.

virtual bool em5::EObject::IsWalkable ( )

Implements qsf::ai::EActor.

virtual void em5::EObject::UpdatePlacement ( glm::vec3 &  position_,
glm::mat3x3 &  rotation_ 

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