Emergency 20 Dokumentation  4.2.0
em5::Diagnosis Class Reference

Diagnosis definition class. More...

#include <Diagnosis.h>

Inheritance diagram for em5::Diagnosis:
em5::TreatmentInformation qsf::Object

Public Member Functions

 Diagnosis (uint32 key)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~Diagnosis ()
 Destructor. More...
uint32 getDiagnosisId () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from em5::TreatmentInformation
 TreatmentInformation ()
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~TreatmentInformation ()
 Destructor. More...
uint32 getDiagnosisId () const
const std::string & getName () const
void setName (const std::string &name)
const qsf::TimegetUsingTime () const
void setUsingTime (const qsf::Time &time)
const qsf::AssetProxygetDoctorAnimation () const
void setDoctorAnimation (const qsf::AssetProxy &doctorAnimation)
const qsf::AssetProxygetDoctorAnimationLoop () const
void setDoctorAnimationLoop (const qsf::AssetProxy &doctorAnimationLoop)
const std::string & getDoctorAnimationEnd () const
void setDoctorAnimationEnd (const std::string &doctorAnimationEnd)
const std::string & getTreatmentLogicName () const
void setTreatmentLogicName (const std::string &doctorActionName)
const std::string & getEquipmentMainName () const
void setEquipmentMainName (const std::string &equipmentMainName)
const std::string & getEquipmentUseAnimationName () const
void setEquipmentUseAnimationName (const std::string &equipmentUseAnimationName)
const std::string & getEquipmentUseLoopAnimationName () const
void setEquipmentUseLoopAnimationName (const std::string &equipmentUseLoopAnimationName)
const std::string & getEquipmentUseEndAnimationName () const
void setEquipmentUseEndAnimationName (const std::string &equipmentUseEndAnimationName)
const std::string & getEquipmentGetAnimationName () const
void setEquipmentGetAnimationName (const std::string &equipmentGetAnimationName)
const std::string & getEquipmentPutBackAnimationName () const
void setEquipmentPutBackAnimationName (const std::string &equipmentPutBackAnimationName)
const std::string & getEquipmentSecondName () const
void setEquipmentSecondName (const std::string &equipmentSecondName)
const qsf::TimegetTime1 () const
void setTime1 (const qsf::Time &time1)
const qsf::TimegetTime2 () const
void setTime2 (const qsf::Time &time2)
- Public Member Functions inherited from qsf::Object
virtual ~Object ()
 Destructor. More...
const camp::Class & getCampClass () const
 Return the CAMP class. More...
int getPropertyIndexById (const StringHash &propertyId) const
 Return the CAMP property index by using the unique class property ID. More...
uint32 getPropertyIdByIndex (int index) const
 Return the unique class property ID with the given index. More...
std::string getPropertyNameById (const StringHash &propertyId) const
 Return the CAMP property name by using the unique class property ID. More...
const camp::Property * getCampPropertyById (const StringHash &propertyId) const
 Return the CAMP property by using the unique class property ID. More...
void setPropertyValuesByString (const std::string &values)
 Set CAMP reflection property values by using a given string. More...
void setPropertiesToDefaultValues ()
 Set all CAMP reflection system properties to their default values. More...
void serializeToBoostPTree (boost::property_tree::ptree &pTree, SerializationMethod serializationMethod=SERIALIZE_DIFFERENTIAL) const
void serializeToBoostPTree (boost::property_tree::ptree &pTree, const camp::Class &campClass, SerializationMethod serializationMethod=SERIALIZE_DIFFERENTIAL) const
bool deserializeFromBoostPTree (const boost::property_tree::ptree &pTree, SerializationMethod serializationMethod=SERIALIZE_DIFFERENTIAL)
bool deserializeFromBoostPTree (const boost::property_tree::ptree &pTree, const camp::Class &campClass, SerializationMethod serializationMethod=SERIALIZE_DIFFERENTIAL)
void serializeToBinarySerializer (BinarySerializer &serializer, SerializationMode mode=MODE_MINIMAL, SerializationMethod serializationMethod=SERIALIZE_DIFFERENTIAL) const
void deserializeFromBinarySerializer (BinarySerializer &serializer, SerializationMode mode=MODE_MINIMAL, SerializationMethod serializationMethod=SERIALIZE_DIFFERENTIAL, bool setOverrideState=true)
virtual camp::Value getPropertyDefaultValue (const StringHash &propertyId) const
virtual PropertyOverrideState getPropertyOverrideState (const StringHash &propertyId) const
virtual bool setPropertyOverrideState (const StringHash &propertyId, PropertyOverrideState overrideState)
virtual void onPreDeserialize ()
 Called right before the object is deserialized using any of the above methods. Default implementation is empty. More...
virtual void onPostDeserialize ()
 Called right after the object was deserialized using any of the above methods. Default implementation is empty. More...
virtual ScriptgetAssociatedScript () const
 Return the script instance associated with this object instance. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from qsf::Object
enum  SerializationMode { MODE_MINIMAL, MODE_COMPATIBLE }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from qsf::Object
 Object ()
 Default constructor. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from em5::TreatmentInformation
qsf::NamedIdentifier mName
 Name and ID of the diagnosis/medical care. More...
qsf::Time mTime
 Time how long it takes to make the diagnosis/medical care. More...
qsf::AssetProxy mDoctorAnimation
 The animation the doctor is playing. More...
qsf::AssetProxy mDoctorAnimationLoop
 The animation the doctor is looping. More...
std::string mDoctorAnimationEnd
 The last part of the looped treatment animation. More...
std::string mTreatmentLogicName
 Name of the action the doctor should play. More...
std::string mEquipmentMainName
std::string mEquipmentGetAnimationName
std::string mEquipmentPutBackAnimationName
std::string mEquipmentUseAnimationName
std::string mEquipmentUseLoopedAnimationName
std::string mEquipmentUseEndAnimationName
std::string mEquipmentSecondName
qsf::Time mTime1
qsf::Time mTime2

Detailed Description

Diagnosis definition class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

em5::Diagnosis::Diagnosis ( uint32  key)


virtual em5::Diagnosis::~Diagnosis ( )


Member Function Documentation

uint32 em5::Diagnosis::getDiagnosisId ( ) const

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