Emergency 20 Dokumentation  4.2.0
em5::BlockAreaWithUnits Class Reference

Utility class for events when user has to block areas with his units. More...

#include <BlockAreaWithUnits.h>

Public Types

enum  ObjectFilter { ObjectFilter::ALL_UNITS, ObjectFilter::BARRIER_TAPES }

Public Member Functions

 BlockAreaWithUnits ()
 Default constructor. More...
 ~BlockAreaWithUnits ()
 Destructor. More...
uint32 initialize (qsf::Map &map, Objective *objective, uint32 unitsNeededPerArea, const std::string &areasNamingScheme, const std::string &markersNamingScheme, bool switchMarkersWhenBlocked, ObjectFilter objectFilter=ObjectFilter::ALL_UNITS)
void setObjective (Objective &objective)
bool updateObjective ()
ObjectivegetObjectiveSafe ()
void setMarkersActive (bool active)
std::vector< bool > backupActiveMarkers () const
void restoreActiveMarkers (const std::vector< bool > &backup)
qsf::EntitygetArea (uint32 index) const

Detailed Description

Utility class for events when user has to block areas with his units.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

em5::BlockAreaWithUnits::BlockAreaWithUnits ( )

Default constructor.

em5::BlockAreaWithUnits::~BlockAreaWithUnits ( )


Member Function Documentation

std::vector<bool> em5::BlockAreaWithUnits::backupActiveMarkers ( ) const
qsf::Entity* em5::BlockAreaWithUnits::getArea ( uint32  index) const
Objective& em5::BlockAreaWithUnits::getObjectiveSafe ( )
uint32 em5::BlockAreaWithUnits::initialize ( qsf::Map map,
Objective objective,
uint32  unitsNeededPerArea,
const std::string &  areasNamingScheme,
const std::string &  markersNamingScheme,
bool  switchMarkersWhenBlocked,
ObjectFilter  objectFilter = ObjectFilter::ALL_UNITS 
void em5::BlockAreaWithUnits::restoreActiveMarkers ( const std::vector< bool > &  backup)
void em5::BlockAreaWithUnits::setMarkersActive ( bool  active)
void em5::BlockAreaWithUnits::setObjective ( Objective objective)
bool em5::BlockAreaWithUnits::updateObjective ( )

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